Why Banks and Financial Services are choosing e-Learning

Banks and Financial Institutes should be aware that there can be a difference in the knowledge uptake of new technical-based ideas within their team members, regardless of their position in the firm.  This needs to be addressed if the Company is to stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

The world of Finance is governed by innovative technology and keeping up-to-date with development in this arena is crucial to identifying who the next front runners will be in the market place.

An e-Learning platform is a great means of getting all team members onto the same level of expertise for a designed change in a corporate direction.

So what are the benefits of e-Learning?

 Bearing in mind there are some courses that can only effectively be led by face-to-face facilitation, there are many others that can be hosted on the internet.  This can make knowledge transfer to your team quicker in terms of deployment as well as numbers trained.  It also gives your employees, in remote areas who, due to location, may not have had the opportunity to add to their skills, the possibility of growth.

Courses can be designed to make knowledge transfer an easy, pleasant experience and structured in a way that participants can access the training from any location where there is an internet signal via their Computers, Laptops, Tablets or even Smart Phones.

As the company adds more products to its portfolio, the quick deployment of these new innovations is of great importance.  e-learning can complement the urgent training of your team and can be set to automatically and regularly assess their understanding of the benefits of these new products.

The institutions policies on customer service and satisfaction can be rolled out and customised quickly. Moreover, all employees on a course will have exactly the same experience and share the same corporate ethos throughout.  e-learning offers a cost effective, efficient method for regular compliance testing.

Of course, there are many areas of cost where you can save when offering your courses via e-Learning, such as:

  • Reduced Facilitation Costs
  • No Transport Costs; your team doesn’t even need to leave their work stations to attend courses, saving hours in travelling time and costs
  • No Printing of Manuals
  • No Catering headaches
  • There are no Venue Costs and you save on energy requirements such as Air Conditioning, Lights etc.

And it's Green!  Reducing your environmental footprint.

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