June 18, 2020

Virtual – Learning

To gain access to one of our e-Learning Course Demos, you first need to read these few easy steps below and click on the link to be directed to Our e-Learning Platform.


Steps on how to create an account and enroll yourself onto our Course

  1. * Click on “create a new account” on our e-Learning Platform, on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. * You now need to choose a username (lowercase) and password.
  3. * Type your email address, along with your first name, surname, city or town and country.
  4. * Click on “Create My New Account”. A verification email will be sent to you.
  5. * Please follow the instructions and click continue.
  6. * Once you have created your account and verified it, you can now login by entering your Username and Password.
  7. * When you are in your Dashboard, click on the Courses drop-down tab.
  8. * Select ” Introduction to Blended Learning”.
  9. * You will then enter this Enrollment Key that is required ” V-it086# ” , select enroll me.
  10. * You are now enrolled in the Course.

 Click on the Link below!




Introduction to Blended e-Learning