July 24, 2019

Platinum Plus

Platinum Plus LMS

The Virtual-IT Learning Management Systems (LMS) Platinum Plus has been designed to take Training Institutes and TVET’s data into the Cloud. With features such as:

Learners Module

• Full Contact and Demographic details
• Learner record duplication screening
• Communication and Absenteeism logs
• Education Modules
• Quick and Easy access to Records of Learning and Achievements
• Linking to Learner Files i.e. Matric & Assessment Certificates, IDs etc.
• Disciplinary and Grievance reporting
• Admin and Vouchers Section
• Employment History and Gainful Employment Reports
• Registration Forms
• Student ID Cards

Clients Module

• Full Contact and details
• Space for multiple contacts per Client
• Communication log
• Sales Modules
• Linking to Client Files i.e. Assessment Reports, Invoices, Maps to premises
• Admin Section

Qualification Module

• Qualification Builder using Unit Standards or your own modules
• Unit Standards Module
• Unit Standard Import facility from SAQA Web Site

Training Event Scheduler

• Easy to Use Event Scheduling
• Click and drop Learner registering
• Automatic One Day or Five Day Attendance registers
• Training Event Planner
• Easy to add and use Facilitators, Assessors, Moderators, Sub-Providers and Venues
• Booking Confirmation letters
• Facilitator and Venue Availability Reports
• Company and Individual Invoices
• Course Costing Module
• Learner Evaluation Feedback
• Assessment Module with Reports per Course, per Learner and per Client
• Portfolio of Evidence Tracker
• Certificate Module with Automatic Certificates
• Projects and Assignments Module
• Assessment Preparation
• Mentoring, Coaching and Tutoring section
• Site Visits recording


• Over 120 Reports including:
• Audit Reports
• HR Reports
• Learner Reports
• Client Reports
• Training Event Reports
• Qualification Reports
• Three Permission Access Levels
• Password Controlled Access
• Direct e-mailing of reports
• Exporting of data to Excel for self developing of Reports
• And much more…

Adding your Learners to a Course in bulk

• Classroom booking per module
• Learner Rapid Search facility with multiple filters
• Assessment Weighting
• Application Status
• Course Completion Report
• Moderation Percentages
• Remediation Reporting
• Assessment Import from Virtual-Learning, our e-Learning platform
• and if you use Virtual-IT’s Cloud Hosting you can get access to Excel Dashboard Graphs