Training in an Economic Downturn

Let’s first ask the question why would you invest in Training your team in a down-turned financial climate?   Well for a start, investing in your team can directly impact on your bottom line by any of the following:

Development gives Team Morale a lift. Training tells your Team that you value their contribution. Learning and development can improve profitability and reduce Staff turnover. Saving costs on Hiring and Training a new team.

Companies with a training ethos, attract personnel who have their own defined career plans, and who see you as a partner in their journey.

Training addresses any lack of competency that employees may feel they may have.

So, how can you justify large expenses on learning and development? when you feel you should be cutting costs wherever you can?

The trick is to find a balance in offering training at an acceptable cost.

For example, If you have already had Training Courses built for your Company, then why not put them online?

There are Companies that can take your “Hard” copy materials and convert them to formats that work well on the internet.

Once your Course is converted you can present it as many times as you wish, only paying for the Cloud hosting services.

You can even opt for your Learners to register online, again saving you administration costs.

The Benefits to You include:

No out of Office Down-time. Your Employees can learn from their own desks or at home. This means less time out of the office, particularly when you look at lost time while traveling.

No Classroom Costs. No more Classroom bookings nor getting caught up in electricity, parking, refreshment expenses, etc.

No Transport Costs. Save on Fuel and Airfares.

No Facilitator Costs. You can present your hosted courses as many times as you like and won’t need to have a trainer.

No Printed Materials. Learners can download your Training Materials from your Cloud site.

Your Learners can access Courses from anywhere that has an internet connection, using Laptops, Tablets or even Smartphones.

And it’s Green! 

Other advantages of Cloud hosted courses are:

Disaster Recovery. For any business, the loss of data can be catastrophic. By hosting your Courses on a Cloud server your data will be backed-up often.

Software related Updates will be Done for You.

Flexibility. Not only can your Learners access your Courses, but you can work anytime you wish, from any location.

Scalability. A benefit of Cloud based products is being able to increase and decrease server and network capacity, on an as-needed basis.

Do you see advantages in this approach?  If so, why not give us a call on 0861 847 882 or email us at info@virtual-it.co.za