What are the greatest assets in a company?  Is it Plant and Machinery or Vehicles? No, surely, it’s Employees, they are the ones that interact with customers, push productivity, and come up with those ideas that make companies different.

Businesses would not think twice about servicing their Machinery or Vehicles, so surely investing in training, and uplifting their team makes sense. The only negative with education is the actual cost. It’s not only the fees for a course that must be considered but such charges as Transport, Down-time from the workplace while travelling, Catering, etc.  In today’s world of recessions these expenses may be prohibitive.

Companies also need to look at their employee’s needs.  In certain parts of the world it is reported that up to 25{9beb4b02f6fbebcc9d991fc4236dc978ee1035b79db048be2f94423632a12256} of workers are leaving companies because they are not getting the training they need for advancement.

So how do you balance the need to train your customers team against the excessive costs of classroom training.

Well let’s just look at one of those costs, Traveling. Research suggests that a large percentage of every rand spent on training goes on getting Learners to the class room. This would include Transport, Accommodation, Travel expenses and time out of the workplace during the travel time.

All those costs could be gone from your client’s business life if their employees could access your courses online, and here is where e-Learning comes into play.

If Employees have access to the internet, they can learn.  All that needs to be done is to get your courses online and your customers can access them from their office desks or the comfort of their own homes at times that suit everyone. This could allow them to spend the whole of their training budget on what they intended it for, Training or they could look to using the savings to send their team on more of your courses giving their employees the quality training they have come to expect from your training services.

There are many companies already reporting huge savings by moving their courses from the classroom to online, with large reductions to the cost of training per individual.

Added to this there are studies that suggest that there is better knowledge retention when using e-learning.

There are courses that can only be presented by face to face interaction with Learners, however many more can be moved to online training interventions or even form part of a blended learning programme.

Courses shouldn’t be moved online just to save money, but should be part of a process that adds the same or even more value to clients and students; quality should always be our main objective.

With reduced Transport fees comes reduced carbon emissions making e-Learning not only cheaper but also greener, an issue we need to focus on these days.

It should also be noted if you are thinking of e-learning as part of the way forward for your training enterprise, there are other costs saving that we will discuss in future blogs.


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