So how does e-Learning Help Training Providers?


The Classroom environment is the traditional way of learning which has historically proved to be successful. This method of learning is effective because it has teachers directly involved with learners, but it comes at a cost. There are some courses that can only be led by face to face facilitation, however there are many others that can be hosted on the internet giving training interventions the chance of a much wider audience at the same time as being cost effective. This also allows Learners who, due to location or disability, may not have had the opportunity to add to their skills, the possibility of growth.

e-Learning is a method whereby Learners can undertake courses online, using computers, tablets and even smartphones as a method of access. It is a fun and effective way of learning, allowing learners to upskill at their own pace. This method lets students study anywhere they may be as long as they have an internet connection. e-Learning is a technique developed to present different forms of media which can include Videos, Slides, Audio, Animation, Documents, etc. which enhances the learning experience, making it more exciting and interactive.

Technology is progressively developing every day and e-Learning is keeping up with it, as courses can be accessed using smart devices that people use every day as they perform their daily tasks and are nearly always on hand. Isn't it better not to carry heavy books around but still have your study material with you? Learners can go online anytime they want and continue there studies where they left off. Online material can never be misplaced or be unavailable when needed, making it more reliable.

So how does e-Learning Help Training Providers?

There are many areas of cost Training Providers can save when offering their clients courses via e-Learning, such as:

  • No Transport Costs. Read Here
  • No Printing of Materials.
  • No Catering headaches.
  • No Venue Costs and there are cost savings on energy requirements such as Air Conditioning. Lights etc.
  • No Down time while travelling from the office to a course.
  • Reduced Facilitator/Assessor Costs.
  • And its GREEN!

We will talk about each of these benefits listed above in future blogs.

Once a Course is developed it can be presented as many times as required at no further development costs. Certificates can be set up for downloading on successful completion of an exam or based on attending the course. You can also take this facility out and control your certification manually as e-Learning is an extremely flexible educational tool.

The fact is most people believe, due to technology, online learning is the way forward, it is convenient and easily available. Online learning can also be used as a support to traditional methods, as in blended learning. Due to flexibility, e-learning technology is the most effective strategy of the day.

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