Marketing Suggestions To Promote Your e-Learning Courses

Marketing Suggestions To Promote Your e-Learning Courses

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With a number of our Clients opting to put their Courses on-line, we thought we would put together a few suggestions to help them promote their e-Learning Courses.

1. Look at the launch of your Online Courses as though they are a new product you are bringing to the market. If you were offering a new service to the world you would look to promoting it when it was time to sell. An e-Learning course is no different. If you have not already added a “Coming Soon “or “Guess what’s New?” page to your website, consider it and add a description of what you now offer.

2. Tell your clients how your e-Learning course meets their learning needs.
Your Clients are relying on your Courses to solve their problems, be they improvements of necessary skills or a specific course to get their team up to speed on an issue. It is therefore important that they know exactly what they are getting from your online courses.

3. Get recommendations from satisfied current learners. We all like to try something new but seeing reviews and recommendations from other satisfied clients is a bonus. How to get these testimonials? add a feedback questionnaire at the end of your current online courses with a comments section. This will also give you valuable insight into sections of your course that Learners may have difficulty with.

4. If the Course is brand new, look at offering a discount for the first Module the Learner takes. This will help sales and add to your valuable testimonials to use in your ongoing marketing.

5. Or go further, offer a Short Demonstration Course for free. If you have your e-Learning site already developed, why not add a short course to show potential clients what you can offer them. A mini-course designed the right way can leave Learners wanting more and will, hopefully, get them subscribing to your platform. At the end of the course make sure your contact details are easy to find and show them how easy it is to get started on the full Course.

6. Look at translating your Courses into another Language. In South Africa, we have 11 official languages allowing you to increase your potential market using already developed material. It is not as difficult as it sounds. You can look at hiring a translator to do it for you. It’s a once-off cost that you could capitalize on. If you have a lot of video content look at adding subtitles, its a quick fix and means you do not have to re-record the actual video.

7. Use Social Media, everyone else is these days, look at Donald Trump.
Use the various social media channels to add helpful content for your target audience, occasionally commenting on how your courses can solve their issues.

These are just a few suggestions to help you get your Courses known to the southern African Education Market, watch out for more ideas coming shortly.

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A Few More Marketing Suggestions to Promote Your e-Learning Courses

Following the great comments we got about our last blog, we thought we’d add a few more ideas to help with your eLearning marketing.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

After Google, YouTube is number two in search engine visits. Millions of us go to YouTube to learn how to do just about anything. Organize your own YouTube channel and upload videos explaining and supporting the field you are in. Adding “catchy” titles can assist you in attracting viewers. Don’t forget to add keywords in the Video Title and Description.

If you up-load regularly you are also on your way to being recognized as a subject specialist.

2. Publish a course promotion video on YouTube

While we are discussing YouTube why not look at publishing a mini video about one of the courses you offer or even better several videos. It is all about getting your name recognized in your chosen field. Remember to make sure that you have relevant keywords to help viewers find you and do not forget to add contact email addresses and a link to your website.

3. Include a link to your course in your email signature

For most of us, every time we send an email, it has a signature at the bottom. Add a link in your signature to your courses page on your website and get free advertising to your email list.

4. Add a course page to your main website

Here you can have your brochures, price lists, demo videos, and even an order page all to make it easier for your Learners to buy from you. You can also add a tab at the top of your web page which links directly to your eLearning platform, making it easier for your Learners to access your courses.

5. Host a live webinar

Run regular webinars showcasing your courses, once you have set one up, you will have a basic script to work from which can be enhanced as you add section related to popular questions you get from attendees.

There are free versions of several webinars, such as Zoom and WebEx.

6. Improve your course sales page

Give your website visitors a quality description of the Courses you offer, with a comprehensive breakdown of what they can expect on a course. Don’t forget to add specific keywords in the descriptions to enhance your ranking in Google.

8. Write Articles about your chosen field and submit them to blogs and/or online publications.

The trick is to make sure that articles submitted to similar publications are different, that way you don’t offend the publication by giving them something already submitted to a comparable editorial.

If you worry about the quality of your writing, copy and paste it into an editing application, such as Hemmingway Editor and/or Grammarly, both of which have free versions.

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