July 28, 2016



Would you like to get your own Courses online quickly?


What is Virtual-Learning?

Virtual-Learning is an South African based e-Learning platform whereby Learners can undertake courses online, using computers, tablets and even mobile phones as a method of delivery.

It allows Learners to work with Training Providers or their own Companies Training Departments wherever they maybe, as long as they have an internet connection. 

There are a lot of advantages with using e-Learning, for example:

* Savings on your Current Classroom expenses
* Rapid Course Deployment
* You are no longer restricted to the size of your Classroom when it comes to enrolling Learners
* Automated Assessments and Certificates
* Training any audience, anytime, anywhere
* Affordable monthly Hosting Fees
* Training is always available on the Cloud
* Set up your training without printed manuals
* Tracking and reporting
* Easy-to-use and quick-to-set-up
* A great blended learning tool
* Accessible and remote-friendly learning - download and upload facilities
* Create engaging courses
* Excellent reporting tools
* A great fit for a variety of training goals
* Delivery when, and where needed
* Performance evaluation tool
* Can work with laptops, tablets & smartphones
* Your own Company Branding
* e-Learning developed platform in South Africa
* Maximize training ROI
* Simple administration
* Flexible Reporting….. And much more

One of the main advantages of e-Learning is its cost effectiveness:

* No Travelling costs
* No Printed Training content
* No Down-time when on route to a Training location
* No Venue or Refreshment costs
* No Facilitator costs

To give you a bit of background of our e-Learning product, we offer two types of service:

One. We take Clients' current Training Materials and upload them, unedited, in PDF format, onto our hosting platform.  We can then add Introductions and Forums etc.  Regarding Assessments, we can either upload their Assessment question papers for Learners to download, complete and reupload.  This method is quick to roll out and competitively priced as there is little development. It also works well for Learners in areas where internet connections are intermittent. Alternatively,  depending on the Question and Answer structures in the course we can add questions in, Multiple Choice, Matching True/False, Drag and Drop, etc formats, which the platform can automatically grade.  You can also opt for an automatic certificate on successful completion of the Course by the Learner.

Two. Another option you have is for us to develop a bespoke Course for you by developing your Content, in Video, Slide Show, Animation, formats, etc. with AI voiceovers where appropriate. This format has more of a visual impact but attracts larger costs.

With both options we can add, Forums, Announcements, links to Webinar facilities for blended learning, and add Learner Feedback questionnaires.


Custom Course Development
We take your current manuals and develop it into interactive e-Learning designs which is hosted online

Platform Design
We will customize a platform just for you with your company details & logo. You can request for colours, layouts and features that you require

Platform Responsive
Our e-Learning platform is responsive to the device it is being used on. For example, Your Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone

Hosting Services
We offer you the complete e-Learning solution. We will host your site with a 99.9 uptime with backup policies in place