July 21, 2016

Cloud Services

We love helping you.

As with all of our products our business is driven by Client and Industry needs and as such we are pleased to announce that, companies will now have a choice of purchasing one of our server/computer based database systems outright with a once off payment and install it at their offices or you can purchase the system and we can host it for you on our Cloud Server for a monthly fee. 


So what are the benefits?.

Essentially we are growing our business in line with the growth of our Clients

One of the primary benefits of Cloud based Products is being able to increase and decrease server capabilities and network capacity on an as-needed basis.
We all know that Company budgets are under constant review in our current economical climate, so businesses will now have the choice to either purchase one of our databases outright with an upfront purchase and install it at your offices or you can host it on our Cloud Server for a monthly fee
Virtual-IT databases have been supporting southern African Industry for over 13 years, so our products are tried and tested, we are now offering our easy to use databases via the cloud. Users can login from anywhere in the world using their laptops, tablets or even mobile phones.
Our databases have been “Green” for a number of years; by installing, supporting and training via the internet we have cut our carbon footprint down considerably and with these new Cloud based systems we will continue along that path.

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